Seventh Grade

When I first arrived to school in August, I expected strict teachers and the teachers to be mean, I also expected less homework. I expected to have good grades in every class and to have fun in football.

But I soon realized school was really hard and the homework was unreasonable, specifically in Spanish. I also realized that teachers sometimes have good days or bad days and you don’t want to get on the nerves when it’s there bad day.

Eventually I figured out that grades were hard to keep up with and that I had to pay more attention to my grades. In school I actually learned a lot of stuff in science I learned about reproduction and cells. I also learned that if you play games in the morning before school starts you get better at the game.

Leadership poem

I try to be a leader and
It sometimes goes pretty well
But when I have god
I do twice as well being a leader

God gives me my strength
To try to be a leader
I pray For the lords forgiveness
And for him to give my strength
So that I can preach his words

God gives me my leadership
and I thank him for that about everyday
Because god Is good
and can do things like you can’t even imagine
God gives me my strength
To lead others to Christ and to come to church

God also gives me my strength
To not do bad things no more
We’ll at least less than normal
Cause no one is perfect besides god


Don’t cry because it’s over be happy cause it happened. By: Dr.seuss
This relates to me because I cried when my grandma died and I was really said, by then this made me think I should be happy with all the time I spent with my grandma. I also realized that I should be happy it happened because she is going to heaven and that is the best thing ever.

Dr. Seuss is a great author and I love this poem because it made me feel better when she died, to now that she is in a better place.
So now whenever something happens bad I don’t cry and turn a smile on my face, because it usually turns out good, and it makes me happy that it happened.

Week 6 media and a memory

My favorite toy when I was a kid was bioncles, me and my cousin lived together and we played with those everyday and made new things, then started a war against all of the evil bioncles and me and my cousin were always on the same team.

I loved those bioncles so much and I always loved to get the new ones and get the really strong ones from the movies,mi also loved to get the hard ones to build, everyday after school I woke up early built new ones and waited for my cousin to wake up, because he woke up at 11 o clock so I always wanted to show him my creation while we were watching sponge bob

My other favorite toy was Thomas the train I always loved to build new tracks going everywhere and other train tracks going under the bridges. I also loved to get the red and green lights even the traffic manager, I always played this with my cousin when he woke up and I was always Thomas the train cause he was the best

I absolutely loved my toys when I was a kid and those toys always made my day and my cousin made my day too because he always helped me and always helped me beat up the bad guys.

My Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss and he said “a person is a person, no matter how small.” I can relate to this quote because I am small and sometimes people can doubt you if your small.

This one time I was playing a basketball game and my coach put me on a tall guy and, the tall guy said to his friend ” this guy is short this will be easy,” and I heard what he said and I was offended. Then I got offended so I decided to play really good that game so I stole the ball from the guy that said that about 10 times. In that game I scored about 24 points which was half the points of my teams score, and that was my best game I’ve ever had, and I made that kid regret his words. So that is one of the reasons why I love this quote so much because it doesn’t matter how small you are cause everyone is still a person so treat everyone the same.

This person Dr. Seuss is very famous and has made a lot of famous quotes and books, and this quote is my favorite out of all of his quotes. This quote pretty much means don’t judge people by there height because everyone is the same no matter what size they are. I love this quote because it relates so much to me.


My Backyard

On a perfect Wednesday, I love to go outside look at the beautiful waterfall with rushing water and the sound whoosh, wind shaking the trees and the sound of the rocks crackling on the trail. There’s also all the nice people saying hi and walking on the long trail, where you can go in your own world and relax.

My backyard is the best place to me, I love looking outside and seeing all the birds in the tress chirping and the birds at the waterfall drinking up the water, then bringing back there food to there nest for their family. There’s also a really long path that can go two ways, one is to a canyon with a great view that takes like two hours to get too. They other path brings you too a big loop and beyond that loop you can go under a road and to a tiny swamp with cranes sometimes.

My backyard is so much fun I have so many memories there of riding in my raft done the stream and going under the water fall. I also have memories of this secret path I found with a cave, and in the cave was a sponge bob drawn on the wall. There’s was also another time when my cousin was on a tree like 8 feet in the air trying too look cool, and waplap he fell in to the water, it was so funny but, he got out of the water so fast you didn’t even see him touch the water you just saw him wet.
This other time I was with my cousin and we were going a death hike on the side of a mountain were if you fell, you fall 10 feet in to 1 foot deep water, that is a super dangerous journey, but that journey is the best and fun.

These are the reasons that I love my backyard, I love the beautiful sounds of the waterfall the birds and the rocks crunching when you step, I love my backyard and I cant wait to make new memories there and find new paths on the way.


Tons of people wear masks at school, and in just plain life, just like actors in movies.

All kinds of masks can be seen, like on Halloween you can tell that they are wearing masks, because it doesn’t look most if the time to real. Clowns also wear masks to be funny and play an act, but I personally don’t like clowns because they’re creepy.

All kinds of masks can be seen, like if you have to go to anew school, you have to wear mask to fit in with everyone so that you don’t end up with no friends, and then you will be lonely, which ain’t fun. There’s other masks to that you sometimes can’t notice like plastic surgery, and you can’t notice make up or the girls in the magazines that have like perfect skin.

Most masks cannot be seen to the eye, but some can, and the masks that I can see I like them cause the I know there’s nothing to be afraid of, because there’s a human in there just like me. Not everyone is who you think they are because they can be someone totally different.


I love iPads, cause you can do so many things with them like games, studying, and more.

iPads are awesome but most of the time they are very distracting when I am trying to do my homework cause, I get tempted to play games on it a lot. iPads also get lots of kids in trouble in class because they’re not listening, and they’re just playing a game under their desk.

iPads are sometimes very hard to keep track of, cause I know some people who have lost their iPad are they cracked it like 3 times in a year, I even cracked my iPad once. The iPad cases are awful too if you drop a iPad on its side it’s cracked cause it has no protection right there, the school should give everyone oter boxes instead or life proofs.

I think that iPads are good for education but we need better cases and like a tracking device so we never lose it.
I personally love iPads, but if you crack a iPad there goes $200 down the drain which sucks, so I think that iPads are distracting and bad, but I just love to play games on it.


I despise movies, and I just don’t like to go.

Movies are very uncomfortable. They’re always hurt my head because the screen is so bright.  The movies always make me want to take Advil cause I focus on a screen for like, 2 hours in the plain dark and I usually always have a sinus infection. I expect to sit in those seats, and sink in and be all cozy, and instead it’s like a brick stone.  I’m just physically unamused by movies.

Another reason I hate movies is that there’s always those people. Who are always talking, running around the movie theaters playing tag, those people who try to get every last thing out of their slurpy and they just slurp forever and ever until it’s all gone,

And to top it all off, movies are just plain bad.  The plot of the films is just boring. The movies make me sometimes want to leave ask for my money back and go somewhere else.

The movies aren’t fun to me because of these reasons couple of reasons of why they hurt my head, and that some of them are bad, movies stink to me and that will stay the same


I loathe homework, because whenever I get home there’s all that homework studying that I have to do. I sometimes contradict myself if I should even do my homework, it’s just such a pain to do it, sometimes I think I should just do it at school, which I do usually cause I get to school really early, because of my moms work.

I strongly dislike when your teacher just gives you a big block of homework and says its due in 3 days, or when it’s a no homework night and they just say its due in 2 days. Homework is bad cause we have 8 hours of school then we go home, and we don’t have any time to go outside, they only give us time to do homework which is no fun for a kid.

I don’t think homework is good for kids cause we can’t go outside and we only have 2 days of fun and we usually have homework on those two days so I don’t like homework and we shouldn’t have it cause we already go to school for 8 hours.